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Infor SunSystems

Four Business Solutions works with global enterprise application company Infor, whose FMS SunSystems Enterprise, enables companies to integrate and streamline local and multinational financial resource management processes from end to end. Their latest release Infor 10 establishes Infor as a true ERP provider with the speed of deployment and agility of development to deliver robust fully functional ERP solutions without the price tag or deployment pain of their competitors.

Our consultants have extensive experience with the Infor SunSystems suite and the EAM Asset Management software. We have delivered financial solutions since the late 1980s when SunSystems was first developed as an innovative single ledger accounting system with excellent transactional analysis and superb multi currency handling.

Those early days established the product across 134 countries and many of those early adopters of the software still use it today, proving that their initial investment has been upgraded and enhanced to take advantage of todays technology but without losing the real investment in your systems - the data, the users knowledge of the application and your interfaces and links into other systems including of course spreadsheets.

Itís interesting to note that Supercalc and Lotus 123 are no longer prevalent but SunSystems is still one of the most reliable and robust accounting systems across the world. Operations in Africa and South America could not survive without it because of the harsh working environment. Conversely the financial capitals of the world like London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney use SunSystems as their tried and trusted financial solution.

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