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Harlequin Training

Four Business Solutions works with Harlequin Training Solutions who specialise in creating interactive and engaging e-learning training courses. Highly interactive, their courses combine e-learning elements such as video, screen demonstrations, audio accompaniment and tests to keep users engaged.

The magic of Harlequin is their ability to simplify and demonstrate how to transform complex tasks and processes into easy routines. Their e-learning can be used as a resource for employees using the software, as a marketing tool or as an online manual.

Adopting e-learning within an enterprise roll-out ensures users are given a good understanding of the product, its goals and objectives as well as providing a consistent message to communicate across your corporation. We have developed courses in English, French and Spanish but language ceases to be a barrier with high quality e-learning.

The team at Harlequin are passionate, consummate professionals and our clients love working with them. Four has no hesitation in endorsing their work and the results speak for themselves.

Visit harlequinsolutions.com

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