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Cobblestone Software

Four Business Solutions is the premier distributor for Contract Insight software which offers a robust and simple-to-use contract management solution, designed to reduce contract expenses, increase your margins, and reduce your total cost of ownership. Contract Insight is extremely flexible and is based on years of client feedback and input.

With a Contract Management Solution, you can streamline processes and achieve greater competitive advantage in negotiating agreements with the best terms. Contract Insight also integrates with Cobblestone’s Tender Management Software, which helps – all the way from New Tender to Resubmission/ verification of a previous launched tender through to tracking vendor performance over the lifetime of a relationship.

The software originated unsurprisingly in Philadelphia USA just a few miles from Washington with its thousands of lawyers. Four and Cobblestone have many synergies which have made our partnership very strong. However the initial reason we selected Contract Insight was its incredible flexibility, ease of use and simple database configuration which meant any system administrator could add rules, fields and workflow in a matter of minutes. This is so vital where the cost of specialist consultants and developers can be significant and the long term maintenance challenging if every site has different code.

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