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Four Business Solutions works with Brixx a specialist in budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions who deliver robust, fully integrated financial models and 'what-if' scenarios, which translate operational activities into detailed financial plans.

Brixx takes the accounting out of budgetting and allows the users to focus on sales revenues, utilisation rates, costs and capital projects.

Brixx handles the accounting complexities like depreciation, currency fluctuations, interest rates, loans, capital redemptions, accruals, deferred revenue, VAT, tax and all the other elements that make budgeting more complex for the typical manager who is more focused on his LOB.

Four believes that by providing simple to use tools like Brixx, budgeting becomes a routine which is completed quickly and easily every quarter and the challenges of preparing them quickly disappear.

For the financial team having quarterly updated budgets with actual comparisons and consolidations at the touch of a button is no longer many long nights working through multiple spreadsheets. Happily when the exchange rate becomes more volatile the anticipated results take less than a minute to see.

Brixx is an innovative and professional company who we enjoy working with.

Visit brixx.com

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