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Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is about making your business more effective not just by digitising paper based processes but also by helping reduce the lag time between processes. It's a great way to more accurately manage your business processes, be they Procurement, Contract Management, Operational, Sales or SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) oriented.

So good BPI looks not just at the audit trail for a purchase order and invoice to manage any quantity or value discrepancy, but other vital management information, like how many times the discrepancy occurs for a particular supplier, employee or customer. In this way you can truly eliminate any potential issues and your business will profit from faster, more streamlined real time financial and transaction processing.

World-class BPI should encompass liquidity and cash, optimise core accounting and reporting and improve service and efficiency within your organisation whether it is end-to-end supply chain processes or the automation of payroll and operational administration. And that's what we deliver.

Four Business Solutions' workflow, procurement, integration and contract management solutions draw on the latest Microsoft and Oracle technologies and standards to guarantee the benefits of BPI are followed through and properly integrated with your other key systems. This means that once a new supplier has been vetted and approved with the necessary financial checks, the process is not complete. In the Four version of BPI, you'll be reassured to hear, we ensure the new supplier record updates your accounting and other corporate databases with all the correct information, eliminating data entry and transposition errors as well as any data omission errors.


What keeps you awake at night? Is it corporate governance, cash management, revenue assurance and revenue recognition, fiscal and legal compliance in all the geographies you work across, the need for tighter budgeting, more integrated systems, lowering head count or helping the management team run their line-of-business applications more efficiently?

Stop agonising and start achieving your goals and objectives instead. Find out how Four Business Solutions has delivered successful projects in very challenging environments and then provided the mechanisms to report across the whole group of operations.

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Supply Chain

Four Business Solutions enables collaboration, planning, execution, and coordination of the entire supply chain network. Learn how we empower your supply chain team with the necessary tools to streamline the processing cycle, manage contracts, measure supplier performance and install true global dashboard reporting functionality to evaluate your prime suppliers. Four works with some of the best suppliers to ensure a customer's supply chain function can harmoniously procure goods and ensure inventory systems are maintained, as well as asset management and financial solutions that are all synchronised harmoniously.

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Operational Processes

Four can help you achieve a high level of customer service while reducing operating costs through improving efficiency. We understand that keeping your assets working and your team efficiently processing transactions is key to the business revenue and profitability; the majority of businesses are, only really successful if they can deliver outstanding customer service and after sales care. Great service can only be delivered if the underlying infrastructure is strong enough to support this. Four has helped many businesses fix or improve their infrastructure so that service levels and customer care can flourish without making excuses.

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