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Operational Processes

Asset Management

Are you a distribution, manufacturing or service organisation with no way to track and control the deployment, performance and maintenance of your company's assets? Underperforming assets can mean decreased production, productivity and operational efficiency. Four Business Solutions can help you look after your assets, and identify potential operational issues and opportunities.


Do your employees perform tasks in an inconsistent and untimely way? Are the business rules defining how things should be done presented to employees in long, difficult-to-digest company edicts? Four's Business Process Management (BPM) solutions help your staff perform their jobs effectively and in a consistent timely way, ensuring processes run smoothly. Four helps you understand the 'Lag Time' between processes so that the overall task can be completed more efficiently giving your business that competitive edge. Our workflow can run the gamut from simple digitising of processes to truly reactive ad-hoc processes which adapt to changing requirements or new criteria, ensuring your business remains leading edge and efficient.


Does your procurement department spend too much time trying to tie together requisitions, orders, good received notes and invoices rather than securing best value? Four's procurement solutions will automate and streamline the purchasing cycle with an integrated solution that ensures assets, financial, inventory and operational systems are all integrated seamlessly.

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