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Supply Chain


Are you really controlling costs, or just watching them rack up? Are orders being placed without budgets being checked? Do you know that every purchase order is properly approved? Do you have full visibility of your cost pipeline? The answer is probably no. With an integrated SunSystems procurement solution from Four Business Solutions, you can streamline the purchase of goods and services, and achieve greater control over corporate spend. Four has many years experience deploying SunSystems procurement solutions across large groups and small businesses alike. We have helped many organisations deliver $millions in savings and we have documented proof to substantiate this claim.

Contract management

Do you have tight control over your contracts so you can address inconsistent and non-compliant terms, incomplete approvals and long contract completion cycles? Four offers improved visibility and compliance throughout the contract life cycle, lowering financial risk and improving your company's bottom line. Our contract management solution helps you maintain your contract database, ensuring any deadlines are negotiated in good time and ensuring compliance in every way conceivable. As an example, consider a simple lease for a car: contract termination, vehicle tax and insurance, employee compliance with corporate driving policies and proof of driving eligibility are all areas that can eventually lead to the business being taken to court if you do not protect yourselves and these are just a few of the processes that need to be covered. Four's contract management solution integrates with your SunSystems procurement, asset and financial systems, but is flexible enough to handle all these operational requirements.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are a further enhancement in the authorising of goods and services so that everyone can see a genuine signature together with a date and time stamp. With our solution you can be confident that any change to a document whether it is a purchase order or a supplier contract will automatically void your signature and enforce its approval through the requisite channels. With many organisations signing hundreds of documents a day the potential savings are significant and the ROI a few months in many companies.

Reporting & Inquiries

Do you have the analytics to review purchasing across the entire operation ensuring your supply chain objectives are aligned with corporate strategy? Four Business Solutions can help you build consolidated reports and display key data in a digital dashboard which shows meaningful information distilled and filtered in the way you want to see it. Four helps you quickly highlight areas where savings can be made, deliveries improved and suppliers managed better so that you get the most effective and efficient procurement team.


Are your finance, procurement, employee expense and workflow systems integrated? Are you able to connect key business processes and company spend? If not, talk to us about integration and our integrated Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, which can provide insight and control over spending while optimising your company's investments, your people, your processes and your products and services. Many BPM solutions produce good digitised forms and workflow which is properly authorised and shows that an update or change can take place. The weak link is the processing of that change into your core systems and data. This often remains manual and errors occur. Four has a talented team of developers who pride themselves on delivering fully integrated solutions which ensure you have a fully functional, water-tight and efficient system.

Demand planning and forecasting

Organisations need to balance supply and demand whilst running their businesses based upon on actual sales. With Four you can model your existing supply chain, set goals and forecasts, optimise, and schedule time, materials, and other resources with demand planning and forecasting, stock planning, supply and distribution network planning and supply chain strategy. We will help you co-ordinate all these interlinked dimensions to produce meaningful accurate results which help your business build for the future.

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