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Allocate Software

Four Business Solutions partners with resource scheduling experts Allocate Software - the leading workforce optimisation software application provider for global organisations with large, multi-skilled workforces. Whether planning workforce supply in future months, scheduling your workforce over the coming weeks, or immediately managing change, organisations can optimise the most appropriate people, teams and equipment to match demand. Suited to health, defence, maritime, government and education, construction and engineering industries.

We have partnered with Allocate from when they first developed their software for the NHS and health sectors. Since those early days we have seen them grow and expand successfully both in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

We believe that we have played our part in this complementing their teams and acting as ambassadors through the years to provide the specialist resource and skills needed. As Allocate have enhanced and developed their software Four has provided the requisite skills be they consulting, help desk, testing or on site integration consultancy.

We know and trust we will continue partnering with Allocate for many years to come.

Visit allocatesoftware.com

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