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Help Desk

Four Business Solutions provides a timely reliable and friendly helpdesk service to ensure customer success. Our support resource portfolio enables you to select services that match your requirements for telephone and online support. This includes unlimited access to phone support and access to our 'Knowledge Database' so you can easily find out about product updates, answers to technical and system questions and many other features which makes sure your investment is properly maintained.

Annual commercial and technical assessments are undertaken to ensure optimal running of your software and to make certain that it is realising its full operational promise to you.

Help Desk Features:


Four use technology to view your desktop which can be used to assist in support query resolutions. If required we can use remote access to show you how a problem can be resolved and for complex system issues we can investigate the cause far more effectively with instant visibility of your system and its components. This ensures that we solve your problem in a timely manner, and avoids unnecessary trips to your site.

Customer Events

Four understands that regular contact with other customers to gain peer knowledge is essential. We offer a User Group membership that is designed to be both useful and fun where we share issues associated with your software and keep you to up to date with product developments and technology news. We also run seminars/webinars that encourage a collaborative approach to addressing common business issues.

Software Upgrades

We install any patches or upgrades as provided by the software author.  We do not believe in charging for these or only helping when something has gone wrong.  Instead, we would prefer to install them for you as part of your annual maintenance contract, ensuring you receive excellent value for money without worrying that you do not have the available budget.

Disaster Recovery

We can help you with all your business continuity needs, including recovery plan design, dry runs, testing, and configuration changes. In the event of a real disaster we will provide genuine resource to get you back up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. That's because, sad to say, we've encountered too may firms who promised DR support but were unable to deliver when the unforeseen struck. We've assisted as promised including a customer who suffered after torrential flooding in Malawi and a UK organisation where all their security backups were compromised after a server failure.

Systems Audit

With workflow technology and electronic processing more vital to most businesses this service is designed to assess your use of your software and identify any immediate problems, as well as make recommendations on how you could better utilise your system. It also highlights any 'Teaming and Lading' concerns and is a valuable documented process to reassure auditors, shareholders or trustees.

RDBMS/Database Support

Our professional and dedicated help desk consultants can provide training and support for MS SQL Server and remote diagnostics support if required. Additionally, we provide database-tuning services for both MS SQL Server and Oracle.

Extended Telephone Support

Our helpdesk is open from 9.00-17.30, five days a week. If that's not enough, a full 24x7 service is available if required, on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Customer commitment

The Four helpdesk resolves most support queries when the call is placed. That means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Four will always be there to support you and your business, no matter what the product or provenance. We are proactive in trying to understand your issues and work with you to resolve them. Account management is one way we can do this regular reviews throughout the year are planned and proactive telephone contactcomes as standard to make sure you are happy with every aspect of our service.

YouSendIt online file sharing

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