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Business consultancy

Four Business Solutions believes that technology is an enabler, rather than an end in itself no matter what larger suppliers and systems integrators try and tell you.

That view is based on real-world experience and because Four has played a key role in the strategic direction taken by many of its clients. Great relationships based on trust and built over the long-term have allowed us to truly help our clients deal with all manner of business issues.

A requirements gathering phase, looking at the business problem, users, and functional needs is often the preliminary phase we are asked to conduct. This work is carried out before any business process intelligence application design has been started, to ensure the exact problem is understood and captured. We encourage white boarding and brain storming around the problem, during a workshop, in order to explore all avenues and arrive at a genuine solution.

Four will often examine how things go wrong and what the repercussions on customers, users and the business are. Most importantly we examine the key processes and analyse the data required to highlight the problem early - so that preventative action and programs can be quickly actioned , staff trained and systems and processes established to protect the company.

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