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Four works with some of the largest multichannel retailers by offering them the insight to better understand both their customers and the shape of what can be a rapidly changing business. Four delivers the operational efficiency to ensure processing tens of thousands of transactions an hour is done in a robust, reliable and self maintaining system which is dynamically integrated with their other maintenance, financial, inventory and asset systems.

These large retailers have come to love and trust our simple yet effective approach - leave that problem to Four. In this way they can focus on their core business safe with the understanding we will deliver without hesitation, without complaint and without delay. Four understands that these customers are 24 hour businesses and we are prepared to match this to ensure we are truly delivering outstanding service.

Four ensures that the processing of millions of small value transactions is simplified, cost effective and the consequences of VAT, supplier payments, daily reporting, robust interfaces and financial control are maintained with the minimum of worry.

Hear from our customers how.

Philip Morris (PDF/335KB)

Tesco (PDF/781KB)

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