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Four Business Solutions supports many Housing organisations and social landlords to overcome resource limitations by transforming their financial operations, installing good procurement and cost control systems which streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies which leads to reduced overheads.

Most housing organisations process thousands of low value transactions for repairs, rent collections and compensation claims. Four understand how costly these can be if handled incorrectly and will help you streamline the whole process.

An example is a compensation claim which is submitted and approved electronically, the tenant provides their bank details for the payment and the funds are transferred with all the accounting entry and transaction processing completed without any direct data entry from your staff.

This is a well integrated good clean process. Then the smart processes start so the bank details from the tenant are passed to collections in order that they can ask the tenant to pay their weekly rent by direct debit and reduce your collections and rent processing costs further. Four understand the difference this makes to your organisation.

Hear from our customers how.

RCT Homes (PDF/560KB)

Wandle Housing (PDF/168KB)

Four Housing Whitepaper (PDF/451KB)

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